Genome Editing

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Genome Editing

Allele offers a diverse range of Genome Editing solutions tailored for your CRISPR-based gene editing experiments. Our CRISPR Nuclease mRNA lineup comprises ready-to-transfect wild-type Cas9, Mutant Cas9, and Mad7 mRNA, providing you with versatile options for precision genome editing. These mRNAs are designed to work seamlessly when co-transfected with a guide RNA (gRNA) that specifically targets your genomic locus of interest. The result is a targeted and efficient cleavage of the gene at the desired locus, allowing you to achieve precise modifications in your experimental model.

One key advantage of our CRISPR Nuclease mRNA reagents is their ability to reduce off-target effects, safeguarding cells from potential unwanted cellular responses. By enabling transient expression of CRISPR nucleases, these reagents contribute to minimizing off-targets and enhancing the overall specificity of your gene editing experiments. This ensures that your research is focused and reliable, with minimal interference from unintended genomic alterations.

Furthermore, our mRNA reagents provide the flexibility of highly efficient expression that can be tightly controlled through dosage. This level of control is crucial in optimizing your experimental conditions, allowing you to fine-tune the expression of CRISPR nucleases according to the specific requirements of your study. Whether you are looking to modulate gene expression subtly or induce more robust changes, our CRISPR Nuclease mRNA reagents empower you with precise control over the dosage, ensuring reproducibility and consistency in your results.

Explore the possibilities of genome editing with Allele's Genome Editing mRNA reagents and elevate the accuracy and reliability of your research endeavors.

CRISPR Genome Editing Products

mRNA based CRISPR genome editing offers a number of advantages over traditional plasmid based CRISPR. mRNA is non-integrating, allows for a high degree of expression control, and efficient gene expression. Below is our current list of Genome Editing mRNA.

We will update this list as we release more products for this platform.