Photoconvertible Fluorescent Proteins Licenses

Allele’s photoconvertible proteins allow researchers to track the changes in localization in living cells by changing from green to red.

mClavGR2 is a monomeric green-to-red photoconvertible fluorescent protein. Compared with previously available photoconvertible FPs, mClavGR2 has improved photostability of the red state under confocal illumination conditions, 3644 over mEOS2’s 2700 and Dendra2’s 2420.

mMaple is a monomeric green-to-red pcFP variant derived from mClavGR2. This pcFP possess significant benefits over similar FP’s for most imaging applications. The ablity to photoconvert from green-to-red and the high green state brightness allows mMaple to be utilizing in (f-)PALM/STORM and SIM super resolution microscopy techniques.

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