Academic/Non-profit Site Licenses

Allele is excited to announce our pioneering new model for non-profit licensing of our industry-leading fluorescent proteins: comprehensive site licensing.

With a comprehensive site license, your entire academic department or institution gains access to one or more of our fluorescent proteins for one simple licensing fee, at a fraction of the cost of buying individual plasmids for every lab. With a site license, you are free to share the original fluorescent protein plasmids or any derivatives that you create with all labs covered by the license. Additional benefits included at no additional cost in an Allele site license include:

The cost of site licensing is currently $100 per lab for departments or institutions with a minimum of ten (10) labs.  If your department is smaller than this, or if you would like a quote please email  Additionally, if any members of your department have purchased individual licenses, upon department / site licensing individual license fees will be credited back to the users.  For a simple visualization of the advantages of site licensing view the table below:

Basic Expression Plasmid Technical Support Additional Expression Constructs Fusion Constructs No Cost Depository Access Site Wide Usage Open Collaboration Within Site


Single User Basic License





Single User Advanced License X X X X X
Department / Site Licensing X X X X X X X

Licensees agree to allow Allele to archive all published constructs containing the licensed fluorescent protein(s) for distribution to other non-profit licensees, subject to the terms of the originating licensee's MTA requirements. For additional details regarding non-profit site licenses, please contact us at



Commercial Licensing

Allele offers highly competitive licensing terms for commercial use of our fluorescent proteins. Switch your company from expensive, outdated technology to Allele's cutting-edge fluorescent proteins and take advantage of our industry-leading expertise! For more information, contact us today at

List of mNeonGreen fusions and constructs carried by Allele Biotechnology available to Site and Advanced User Licensees.